Frequently Asked Questions
What is 123gym? What does do? Why should I use 123gym? Do you have special offers? Can I buy a membership without creating an account? What is the benefit of having an account in 123gym?
Do you have debit/credit card services? How do I purchase 123gym voucher? Can I buy a pass to my friend? Can I return my purchase? Do you accept international credit cards? Is it safe to use my credit card in your website? What form of payment do you accept? How long will it take to refund?
If I have a complaint, who do I contact? How can I contact 123gym Can I leave feedback to my visit? How can I have assistance if I need? How can I write a review? When can I write a review? How can I update my account information?
How can I pick my membership card? How soon can I attend the gym I have registered for? Will the home personal trainer contact me or I have to contact them? How soon will the home personal trainer contact me?
Free Pass
What is “Try it” pass? Can I cancel a pass? How long is the pass valid for? Which gyms can I visit? How do I use my pass? How do I redeem my points?